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The Origin of Return to RiiTURN

Our Story

My name is Michael Xu and I am from Kingting Tech Inc. For the past 20+ years, I have been traveling to major cities around the world, meeting clients and partners, and traveling and hiking with a backpack. But every time I put on my backpack for about 30 minutes, my back starts to get hot and sweaty and smells so bad, you can imagine how important the first impression is and how awkward the meeting is. This caused me to have to carry my backpack on one shoulder, although I know that long-term one-shoulder backpacking is dangerous to my spinal health, because every time I carry my backpack on one shoulder, I have to hunch my back, with one shoulder muscle tensed and raised (to prevent the backpack from slipping) and the other shoulder lowered.For this reason, I had to go to the hospital to treat my recurring cervical and lumbar spine pain problems, and in one serious case, a coughing fit caused radiated pain in my lumbar spine.My left and right meniscus was determined to be Grade II after an MRI, so I had to slow myself down for treatment, which was not only expensive but also a painful process.

For many years, I have been looking for a backpack that would allow me to get rid of the stuffiness in my back and shoulder, and reduce the pressure of the backpack on the muscles and blood vessels in both shoulders, which would lead to cervical problems such as increased stress on the neck muscles and cervical spine, and at the same time, if I could expand my chest cavity more freely when carrying a weighted backpack, the oxygen and blood supply to the brain would be more adequate.  This way I can have more energy and focus to face problems and challenges when I am dealing with clients and partners. And in the long run, the balance of forces on my cervical and lumbar spine also reduces the possibility of lesions.

But in the airport and major shopping mall backpack stores, I did not find a backpack that could well improve the problem. So, in order to solve the backpack health problem for myself and my colleagues, we began a 2 year journey to design a backpack.We abandoned the use of battery + fan solution, because we hope to allow more people around the world to solve the backpack health problem at a lower cost, the battery + fan design will make the backpack more heavy at the same time the battery life will be limited, while the solution without batteries, more in line with our environmental protection concept.

After brainstorming ideas in the first six months of 2019, we finally used different types of lightweight springs to build: Air Backwave + Bunggi two systems, Air Backwave can make us walk around, using the vibration of the backpack, airflow continues to circulate and take away heat and sweat, the back is no longer hot and more dry, Bunggi can reduce the impact of each step on our shoulders, the pressure is reduced, our muscle compression and blood flow caused by cervical spine problems are also reduced.

Luckily, the RiiTURN backpack allows me to straighten my back and raise my head to get along with the backpack in a healthy posture, restoring my cervical and lumbar spine to a healthy posture. When I breathe, all the springs deform as my chest expands, allowing more space for oxygen intake, so I can breathe in a more relaxed way, reducing fatigue and having more energy to focus on things that interest me during the trip, no longer deprived of my energy by pain and pressure.

Through the combined efforts of my colleagues and I over the past 2 years, we have solved the above back health problems for ourselves, and hopefully we can help you solve them as well.

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